"Wanting A Soulmate, Finding A Shepard" - Victoria Mitchell, a modest and unassuming bookstore clerk and aspiring author, has an unfulfilling marriage of five years with her husband Darnell, who is a landscaper, and an affair with Shepard, who is a fitness instructor and her next door neighbor. While keeping a journal about her life and experiences with both men, she contemplates who to leave, or who to stay with?

Amid her decisions surrounding her relationships, Victoria is rejected several times by publishers, until a publisher named Alex Harper agrees to publish the contents of her journal as a memoir. However, when Victoria finally gets a publishing deal, Darnell concurrently decides to read her journal, which reveals the details of her relationship with Shepard.

  • - Stage & Film Pre-Production Consultation and Planning
  • - Script & Story Idea Development
  • - Music Video & Commercial Ad Concept Development and Creation
  • - Casting & Audition Services
  • - Talent Coaching and Audition Preparation

Service Areas

Artistic and performance instruction is administered through year-round workshops scheduled 3 days a week, where 15-20 participants learn the fundamentals of acting and staging a production or short film. Further instruction and guidance is given exclusively to teens as they participate in creative sessions in which they write and produce their own original stage performance or short film.
OneStage Productions, Inc. presents an original stage production, at least three times per year that are performed over a 3-weekend period for local communities. These performances are presented to audiences of 800-1,100 people at venues such as The Atlas Performing Arts Center, The Lincoln Theatre, The Kennedy Center and Washington Area Community Centers.
Community Outreach
Stage performances that are teen written and produced are presented at 3-4 local schools and learning institutions as a means of educating other students and young audiences. Original teen written performances deal with issues such as self-esteem, self-awareness, peer-pressure, conflict resolution, friendship, family and domestic issues and decision-making.